Cappella’A Concert and Dance

Saturday, July 4th, 2015 at 8:30PM
(doors open at 7:30PM)
Vic Theater
3145 North Sheffield Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657

Cappella'A, a professional vocal group from Klaipeda, Lithuania, has been performing a cappella music since 2003. The concerts performed by this four member group defy all stereotypes, as the listener forgets that the sound being created is coming from four highly skilled and trained voices, without any musical accompaniment. Kristina Jatautaitė, Rasa Serra, Aušra Smičiūtė and Mindaugas Putnas have spent years honing their beautiful craft, and have received international acclaim from professionals and critics alike. Cappella'A has performed in concerts, festivals and competitions throughout Lithuania and Europe, receiving several honors and awards over the past decade. Cappella'A does not limit itself in terms of musical selection, performing songs ranging from older Lithuanian pop standards to contemporary Lithuanian tracks, each song infused with a jazz twist all their own.

Cappella'A is excited to perform in a venue rich with musical history, suited for their vocal style, and for a crowd that appreciates the beauty of the voice. For the X North American Lithuanian Song Festival, the group has asked two well-known Lithuanian jazz musicians and friends to join them on stage for what promises to be an evening full of wonderment for what the human voice is truly capable of – a fitting way to celebrate a weekend of Lithuanian song and Lithuanian singing.



DANCE – $15

(Dance will begin at 10 PM – tickets for the dance will not be sold in advance, but may be purchased at the Vic Theatre box office on July 4th upon arrival)


  • Due to City of Chicago law, those attending the concert and dance that are 17 years old or younger must be accompanied by a parent or an adult guardian.
  • Every attendee to the concert and dance must provide a form of personal identification at the Vic Theatre entrance to be admitted.
  • The Vic Theatre must follow City of Chicago fire code regulations. As a result, those planning to attend the dance ONLY will be let into the concert venue as the Vic Theatre staff allow, as concert goers leave the venue. Please plan accordingly.

Cappella'A Concert and Dance FAQ

What time can I arrive at the Vic Theatre for the Cappella‘A concert start?

Doors are open to the public at 7:30 PM. The concert starts at 8:30 PM.

What type of venue is the Vic Theatre? Why is the concert being held there?

For over 100 years, the Vic Theatre has been home to some of Chicago's and the world‘s most influential and popular rock and jazz groups. This venue is well known amongst musicians and music listeners alike. Marvel at the venue's beauty, its architecture, and its accoustics. There are two levels to the theater. Attendees will have access to both levels, the balcony provides wonderful sight-lines. The Vic Theatre is located in the Central Lakeview neighborhood, near Wrigley Field, the home of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. This neighborhood is one of the most popular areas in all of Chicago, especially on a day when the Chicago Cubs are playing at their home stadium. Nothing like the "Wrigleyville" neighborhood on a summer evening! Log onto the Vic Theatre website to find out more information.

Does the cost of a concert ticket include the concert and dance? Do I have to stay for the dance?

The cost of a concert ticket – $36. This cost includes both the Cappella'A concert and the dance after the concert. You are not required to stay for the dance. Bus transportation will be available after the concert for those wishing to return to the Sheraton Chicago.

Where can I purchase concert tickets?

Tickets can be purchased in this website's online store or at the Vic Theatre box office (3145 North Sheffield Ave., Chicago, IL) until July 4th, 2015.

Are the seats reserved, numbered?

The concert is general admission, seats may not be reserved in advance. We suggest arriving at the Vic Theatre in advance so you can select a seat that suits your evening's needs.

I am interested in attending only the dance. Can I purchase tickets in advance?

Dance tickets are not available for advance purchase. Tickets for the dance can be purchased at the Vic Theatre the night of the dance, upon your arrival. Dance ticket price – $15. Bus transportation will be provided from the Sheraton Chicago to the Vic Theatre. After the dance (and throughout the evening) buses will be transporting people to and from the Sheraton Chicago. PLEASE NOTE: While we anticipate that a number of attendees will leave once the concert has ended, entrance into the dance will be determined by the Vic Theatre staff and security, following all City of Chicago fire code regulations.

I am 17 years old or younger. Can I attend the concert and dance?

City of Chicago curfew laws require that all individuals 17 years old and younger be accompanied to the concert and dance with a parent or an adult guardian.

What do I need to bring to the Vic Theatre?

Every attendee to the concert and dance must provide a form of personal identification (age verification) at the Vic Theatre entrance to be admitted. The Vic Theatre maintains a security staff and hires off-duty City of Chicago police officers to assist. Without a form of proper identification, you will not be admitted. Once you have entered the Vic Theatre, you will not be allowed to leave without prior approval from the Vic Theatre staff and security.

What are my transportation options to the Vic Theatre?

  • Bus transportation will be provided by the festival organizers from the Sheraton Chicago to the Vic Theatre before the concert, after the concert, before the dance, and after the dance. Buses will be traveling between the two venues all evening.
  • Call a taxi. Cost range is $20 - $25.
  • The City of Chicago has an extensive elevated train system. The nearest train station from the Sheraton Chicago is only a few blocks walk(Red line – Grand/State station), and the train stops at a station a short walk from the Vic Theatre (Belmont station). Cost – $2.50 one way. [view transit map]
  • Parking lots are available near the Vic Theatre, however, we suggest that you use the other modes of transportation available to you – that same evening the Chicago Cubs baseball team will be playing at Wrigley Field, Chicago residents will be celebrating the July 4th holiday, and the Grateful Dead rock group will be playing a sold-out concert at Soldier Field, near the Chicago Sheraton. If you choose to drive your vehicle, here are some parking options:
    • Vic Residences (3140 N. Sheffield Ave.)
    • Central Parking (938 W. North Ave)
    • Standard Parking (3138 N. Sheffield Ave.)

I have questions that have not been answered. What should I do?

Please click on CONTACT US at the bottom of this page and we will respond to you as soon as possible.