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The Tenth North American Lithuanian Song Festival – Chicago 2015

July 3-5, 2015 in Chicago

There were three days of unforgettable Lithuanian music in Chicago July 3-5th, 2015.

Close to 1400 voices from 65 choirs from the United States, Canada, Lithuania, and the United Kingdom joined together to perform at the Tenth North American Lithuanian Song Festival. Thousands and their families were at the Festival. It was a great time to catch up with friends, take in some great music and have a great time in Chicago on the July 4th weekend. All events were bilingual family friendly.

Choirs rehearsed. Multimedia pieces were created. Set pieces were built. It was an extraordinary show.

We'd love to hear how Lithuanian song has touched your life. You can contribute below...

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A memory from days gone by, a serendipitous encounter, a peaceful moment, a family celebration...

How has lithuanian song touched your life?

Dainos are the pulse of everyday life. They evoke the memories of childhood; they recount the history as well as the magnificent beauty of Lietuva, the land of our ancestors; they express our deepest yearnings; they bring ustears, joy, laughter, hope, and comfort. Where would we be without our songs?
Daiva Šimonytė Miller from Indianapolis
Dainų Šventė provides uplifting opportunities. I take my mother to rehearsals, each week. My mother sings with a soft soprano voice or listens, tapping her hand on the arm of her wheelchair. She has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and resides at the Labdara Lithuanian Nursing Home. It is incredible to listen to her sing all of the lyrics of the hymns and older songs, by heart, e.g., “Kur Giria Žaliuoja.” She often recognizes and comments that “Revoliucija” is a moving political piece about the long intense journey to independence. Singing songs together with community members and my eighty seven year old mother provokes a phenomenal sense of belonging to something much greater and beyond the measure of time and reality. Thank you!
Lili from Toronto
It inspires me to honor my Lithuanian background.
Susan Martin from Toronto Ontario
We shouldn’t keep our fantastic songs all to ourselves! After the Toronto festival, I brought “Čiūdrelė“ to my American high school choir and we performed it. This fall I brought “Oi Šąla šąla” by Vytautas Miškinis to the elite women’s choir at Rutgers University and we’re performing it in its American premiere. Americans can do a great job singing in Lithuanian! (Though “Pempel Pempel” might be pushing it, LOL!)
Aleksandra Brittain from Philadelphia Choir “Laisvė“
It echoes through the rolling hills like it echoes through my heart. It sings of sweet days gone by, and sings of the hope of days to come.
Susan Kazenas from Tampa, Florida
Singing for me is as necessary and as easy as breathing.
Dr.Jonušas from Vilnius, Lithuania
If it wasn’t for song, Lord forbid, it would be like being in jail. A person sings, that’s how he calms himself. Life with songs is completely different.
Kunigunda Zaleckienė from Varėnai, Lithuania
Without song, life would be empty and purposeless. As long as I sing, I feel like I’m alive. It cheers you up and others, too...
Feliksas from Kėdainiai