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Saturday rehearsal information for children's choirs

The performer's rehearsal schedule can be found on the Song Festival web site. However, this message is intended to provide additional information about Saturday's (July 4) rehearsal.

Attendance at the Saturday (July 4) rehearsal is MANDATORY for all singers.

Every minute of the rehearsal is accounted for. If we do not finish on time, we will be paying expensive overtime rates to the UIC Pavilion and union show personnel. A long rehearsal will tire you out as well. Thus we ask that you stay on schedule and arrive where you need to be ahead of time.

Saturday rehearsal schedule

The children’s choir rehearsal will begin at St. Ignatius High School. From there, the choirs will be transported by bus to the UIC Pavilion (about 3/4 mile). 

7:15 AM - Buses leave the Sheraton and the UIC Suites to St. Ignatius High School.

The buses will pick you up at the main entrances of the hotel/dorms. Please make sure you are boarding the correct bus (the one to St. Ignatius). We recommend that the choir gather with their chaperones in advance, and board the bus together. Please do so before 7:15, so that the buses can leave promptly at 7:15. 

8:00 AM - Choristers and chaperones arrive at St. Ignatius High School.

Singers not staying at the Sheraton or UIC Suites arrive at St. Ignatius on their own. 

St. Ignatius College Prep
1076 W Roosevelt Rd
Chicago, IL 60607
Entrance to the rehearsal will be from the back side of the High School, i.e. from May St.

Please note, that entrance to the rehearsal will not be from the fromt entrance of St. Ignatius, but rather via the back entrance, i.e. from May St.

Take Taylor St. to May St. 
Turn south on May. 
In 100 - 200 meters there will be a parking lot on the left.
Park your cars and accompany your children through the courtyard to Tulley Hall (there will be signs). 

Parents leave their children with their chaperones and depart.

IMPORTANT - Only singers and chaperones with Song Festival ID badges will be allowed in rehearsals. Please note that parents will not be allowed to stay.

9:45 AM - Buses transport singers and chaperones to the UIC Pavilion

After rehearsal at St. Ignatius, singers, together with their chaperones, board buses that take them to the UIC Pavilion. As children’s choirs arrive at the UIC Pavilion, adult choirs will be finishing their rehearsal. Please stay in the corridor until they are done. Once you receive the signal from Song Festival staff, please take your seats as quickly as possible (seating charts will be sent in the coming week). 

10:20 AM - Joint choir rehearsal. 

12:00 PM - Lunch break. Singers will receive “lunch boxes” (from Jimmy John’s).

12:45 PM - Singers retirn to their seats. Do not be late.

1:00 PM - Final rehearsal. 

We will perfrom the entire program with orchestra, soloists, lighting, choreagraphy and scenography. We have allotted some extra time, in case there is anything that needs to be repeated.

5:30 PM - Rehearsal ends.

Buses leave from the UIC Pavilion to the Sheraton and the UIC Suites. 

For those not staying at the Sheraton or the UIC Suites ... Parents pick up their children in the UIC Pavilion lobby. If you arrive while rehearsal is still in progress, please wait in the lobby so as not to disturb the rehearsal. Once rehearsal has completed, the children, along with their chaperones, will come to the lobby.

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