X Song Festival Chicago

More part recordings

Don't forget to check out the Song Festival web site for more part recordings. We've recently uploaded the following:

  • Tėvyne mūsų
  • Širdžių kalba
  • Kur tėvynė, kur motutė
  • Aš pasėjau linelį
  • Dabilutėli, dabile

Next in line -  “Partizano mirtis” and “Dainų dainelės”.

It's easy to tell which part recordings are available for listening or download. Those songs with completed part recordings are marked "notes and recordings" (as opposed to simply "notes").

Thanks to the dedicated team of musicans responsible for the part recordings - Rima Birutis, Kęstutis Daugirdas, Kristina Kliorys, Martynas Matutis, new addition Daina Polikaitis and Aleksandre Stankevičius!

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