X Song Festival Chicago

Attention college students

We have heard that there are a number of college students and recent graduates who would like to sing in the Song Festival. This is great news and we urge you to do so. "How?" - you ask? Read on! :)

  • Get in touch with the youth choir closest to your home town and let them know that you would like to sing. The registration fee is $75. Some choirs have an additional membership fee. Don't wait, because registration ends December 1st. If you need help, contact info@dainusvente.org.
  • Learn the repertoire at home, using the part recordings which you can find at the Song Festival website.
  • When you come home (for example on weekends or during Fall, Winter and Spring Breaks) attend your choir's rehearsals. This is very important, because singing with a choir is completely different than singing with a recording.
  • Next summer, once you have come home from college, regularly attend your choir's rehearsals.
  • Attend the Song Festival Youth Choir Workshop at Camp Dainava on Memorial Day weeekend 2015.
  • We are truly pleased that you want to be a part of this wonderful event. However, we'd also like to remind you that the Song Festival is more than just an opportunity to meet people and have a good time (although it is certainly that, as well). The repertoire is rewarding, but not easy. We expect that you will exhibit the proper level of commitment and responsibility while preparing for the festival. Note that at any point, if your choir director or the festival's artistic director determine that you are not prepared, you will not be allowed to sing. In such an event, your registration fee will not be refunded.

If you have any questions, contact info@dainusvente.org. Remember, registration ends December 1st! Don't delay!

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