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Song Festival's Wardrobe

We have received a number of inputs suggesting that there is a lack of clarity regarding the song festival's weekend wardrobe.  Let's try to clarify:

  1. The "official" song festival t-shirt (grey) can be purchased by anyone via the song festival store.
  2. In the past, most choirs attended Saturday's rehearsal outfitted in t-shirts designed by their respective choirs. We encourage this tradition to continue.
  3. You may have noticed that in the process of registering choir members you must indicate each member's t-shirt size. We decided to request this information given that all of the details for Sunday's festival's wardrobe had not yet been finalized, i.e. didn't know whether this information would be needed at all. As a result, we felt that it made sense to request this information earlier during the registration process rather than making "hurried" requests later on. Final details about Sunday's festival's wardrobe should be announced in the near future!

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