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Ordering Tickets to the Festival Banquet

I wanted to order banquet tickets but the website is in Lithuanian.

No problem, simply click on the letters EN in the upper righthand corner and the website will switch to English.

How many people may sit at a table?

10 people constitute a full table. If you have less than 10 there is a good chance that we will have to add individuals to complete the table to a full 10.

How do I reserve a full table?

After deciding with whom you will be sitting, it is critical that you choose a "name" for your table. Please choose a unique name. For example if you choose to use your choir's name, please add the city as well so that the Gintarelis choir members from Cleveland do not get seated with the Gintarelis choir members from Detroit (not that it would be a bad thing – but not everyone appreciates a surprise seating). If you use a first and last name please make sure it is unique – Jonas Kazlauskas may be overused.

Do I need to reserve the entire table at once?

No, each individual can go online and purchase their own tickets as long as everyone at your table enters the same name in the Would like to share a table with field.

What if we want to organize more than one table?

Again the trick is in the Would like to share a table with name. Make sure the names are clear. If you choose one name and 20 people write it in the Would like to share a table with field, we will arbitrarily allocate the 20 individuals to two tables close to each other. However, if you were to decide amongst yourselves with whom you would like to be seated, and call your tables Dainava Chicago 1, Dainava Chicago 2, Dainava Chicago 3 and so forth, we will make sure all your tables are close together but you will have allocated among yourselves who will be at tables 1, 2 or 3. (suggestions Dainava Chicago Adults, Dainava Chicago Youth, Dainava Chicago Children).

How are the tables going to be arranged in the banquet hall?

Priority will be given by date of purchase. In other words, once all the individuals from a particular table have purchased their tickets, we will look at the date of the last purchased ticket at that table. Those who purchase their tickets earlier will be seated closer to the dance floor. We will also try to keep youth and adults near their own age groups.

Is the name chosen for the table important?

Absolutely. We will sort tables by those names entered in the Would like to share a table with field, so please make sure everyone at your table writes the same UNIQUE name.

When choosing my entrée, can I select more than one at a time?

You may either enter each entrée selection individually or if both you and your friend would like to have the salmon option you may increase the quantity in the shopping cart.

Is it necessary to purchase the banquet tickets on-line?

Yes. If you were to fill out the contact form informing us of your desire to attend the banquet and would like the salmon option, this would NOT result in a valid reservation. You must purchase your tickets through the Festival's online store. We accept all major credit cards or PayPal. NO DINNER TICKETS WILL BE SOLD THE DAY OF THE BANQUET.

Can I buy an individual ticket or do I need to organize a full table?

You can buy any quantity of tickets you desire. Simply skip the Would like to share a table with field and instead select the next option letting us know if you desire to be seated with other seniors, adults, youth or children.

Can we come to the dance only?

Yes, you may purchase the dance tickets either at the Festival's online store or at the door the day of the event. The dance should begin around 9:15PM if we are not running late.

Is there an age limit for the entrees?

No – you can decide if you desire a child or youth entrée, however please keep in mind the portion size is commensurate with the price. So a 25 year-old may leave the banquet hungry if they were to choose the child entrée.

How will we remember which entrée we ordered?

Each ticket will have a color-coded single use bracelet. Each entrée will have its own specific color and the entrée will be listed on the colored bracelet. No one will be allowed in the hall without his or her bracelet securely attached. The waitresses will serve your entrée based upon the bracelet on your wrist.

What is the deadline to purchase banquet tickets?

June 20th. The hotel requires that the final dinner count be furnished to them by June 20th. Consequently, no banquet tickets will be sold after June 20th or the day of the event. Tickets purchased between June 1st and June 20th should be picked up the day of the event at the banquet's main entry. All tickets purchased prior to June 1st will be mailed to the billing address. However, dance only tickets will be sold online until a few days before the event and then at the door the day of the event.

I have questions that are not answered.

No problem. You can  write to me and I will respond as soon as possible.

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