X Song Festival Chicago

Hotel Situation

Currently, the entire block of rooms reserved at the Sheraton for the song festival has been sold out.  Just a few short weeks ago, as we were monitoring the booking situation, we were in good shape - 150 available rooms for Saturday and Sunday.  All of that suddenly changed when the Grateful Dead announced their concert plans for Chicago on July 3rd-5th!  Folks planning to come to the song festival began to book rooms from our block.  At the same time, the general public, planning to attend the Grateful Dead concert, started to book any/all rooms available in downtown Chicago.  In a very short period of time the Sheraton and other downtown hotels had "oversold" all of their rooms.  Unfortunately, as a result, the Sheraton was unable to add more rooms to our block.

At this point we are looking for additional accommodations.  Hotel management believes that there will be some cancellations over the next few months. Unfortunately, it's not clear when and how many rooms will actually become available.  Until the situation at the Sheration becomes clearer, the organization committee offers the following alternatives:

  1. We are negotiating with UIC, planning to provide accomodations at the university's apartments and dormitories.  We are earmarking these accomodations for choirs/choir members who have not reserved a room.
  2. You can reserve a room at the Courtyard O’Hare – we have a block of only 30 rooms.  A train can provide transportation to downtown Chicago and UIC.  Courtyard O’Hare hotel reservation info:
  3. Check on-line for agents renting apartments and condominiumus – vrbo.com , airbnb.com and others

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